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Mullard EL84 ...
Mullard EL84 ...
Let's See What We Have Here
Let's See What We Have Here
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Photo Manufacturer Product Name+ Stock Price
0A2WA =CV4020 =150C4 =CV1832 =OA2,Original military box!  Sylvania  0A2WA =CV4020 =150C4 =CV1832 =OA2,Original military box! 50+  USD$10.17 
0A3 = CV3798 =VT260 =OA3=WY2P , 1970s/80s USA  Sylvania  0A3 = CV3798 =VT260 =OA3=WY2P , 1970s/80s USA 10+  USD$14.58 
0B2WA =CV4028 =OB2  Sylvania  0B2WA =CV4028 =OB2 2  USD$7.97 
0C3W =CV686 =WY3P =VT200 =OC3 ,original military box  Sylvania  0C3W =CV686 =WY3P =VT200 =OC3 ,original military box 50+  USD$6.78 
0D3 =WY4P =CV216 =VT139 =OD3  Sylvania  0D3 =WY4P =CV216 =VT139 =OD3 50+  USD$12.88 
12AU7A=ECC82  =CV4003 =CV491 ,Syl/CoNN/Baldwin logo, USA  Sylvania  12AU7A=ECC82 =CV4003 =CV491 ,Syl/CoNN/Baldwin logo, USA 10+  USD$16.61 
12AU7WA =6189W =ECC802S =ECC82,60s/70s USA made!  Sylvania  12AU7WA =6189W =ECC802S =ECC82,60s/70s USA made! 50+  USD$15.93 
12AU7WA=5814A =ECC802S =ECC82=6189,60s,USA  Sylvania  12AU7WA=5814A =ECC802S =ECC82=6189,60s,USA 10+  USD$19.32 
12AU7WA=6189=ECC802S =ECC82=5814A=5963, 1970s,MB  Sylvania  12AU7WA=6189=ECC802S =ECC82=5814A=5963, 1970s,MB 100+  USD$23.39 
12B4A =12B4,1950s,D getter!USA  Sylvania  12B4A =12B4,1950s,D getter!USA 10+  USD$22.04 
12BH7 =CV5042 , Big O getter!  Sylvania  12BH7 =CV5042 , Big O getter! 2  USD$43.73 
12BH7=13D6 =CV5042 , O getter ,1960s  Sylvania  12BH7=13D6 =CV5042 , O getter ,1960s 5  USD$40.34 
3Q5  Sylvania  3Q5 10+  USD$9.83 
500W projector lamp  Sylvania  500W projector lamp 5  USD$8.48 
5670 =2C51 =WE396A =6N3P =6N3J, early 50s/60s,USA made!  Sylvania  5670 =2C51 =WE396A =6N3P =6N3J, early 50s/60s,USA made! 10+  USD$14.24 
Displaying 1 to 15 (of 76 products) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  5 ...  [Next >>]