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Telefunken PL83 ...
Let's See What We Have Here
Let's See What We Have Here
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Photo Manufacturer Product Name+ Stock Price
0A2=STV150/30 =CV4020=150C4=OA2, <>,60s west Germany made,BEST  Telefunken  0A2=STV150/30 =CV4020=150C4=OA2, <>,60s west Germany made,BEST 100+  USD$20.35 
5676 =CV2239 ,1950s, square getter  Telefunken  5676 =CV2239 ,1950s, square getter 10+  USD$21.83 
5965=E180CC =7062 ,~ECC81/12AT7,<>,60 German made! BEST  Telefunken  5965=E180CC =7062 ,~ECC81/12AT7,<>,60 German made! BEST 10  USD$71.78 
6AQ8=ECC85 ~6N1;<> , ,One of the BEST!  Telefunken  6AQ8=ECC85 ~6N1;<> , ,One of the BEST! 10+  USD$106.93 
6BM8=ECL82 ,6PL12,=大陸6F3P ,<>, siemens logo!  Telefunken  6BM8=ECL82 ,6PL12,=大陸6F3P ,<>, siemens logo! 9  USD$70.30 
6BM8=ECL82 ,6PL12,=大陸6F3P ,<>,OB!The Best!  Telefunken  6BM8=ECL82 ,6PL12,=大陸6F3P ,<>,OB!The Best! 10+  USD$92.50 
6BM8=ECL82, 6PL12,=大陸6F3P ,<>,OB!Simens logo  Telefunken  6BM8=ECL82, 6PL12,=大陸6F3P ,<>,OB!Simens logo 10+  USD$84.73 
6EJ7=EF184 =大陸6SH15P, with <>,1960s made!  Telefunken  6EJ7=EF184 =大陸6SH15P, with <>,1960s made! 2  USD$32.93 
6KX8=ECC808 ,<>,OB  Telefunken  6KX8=ECC808 ,<>,OB 10+  USD$105.45 
6KX8=ECC808,<>,lorenz logo  Telefunken  6KX8=ECC808,<>,lorenz logo 1  USD$85.10 
6U8A =6GH8A =ECF82 =6F2 =7643,ECF82 logo,<>!  Telefunken  6U8A =6GH8A =ECF82 =6F2 =7643,ECF82 logo,<>! 10+  USD$53.65 
6U8A=E80CF =6GH8A =ECF82 =6F2,<>,Germany  Telefunken  6U8A=E80CF =6GH8A =ECF82 =6F2,<>,Germany 9  USD$66.23 
6U8A=E80CF =6GH8A =ECF82 =6F2,<>,Germany!OB  Telefunken  6U8A=E80CF =6GH8A =ECF82 =6F2,<>,Germany!OB 10  USD$69.93 
6U8A=E80CF =6GH8A =ECF82 =7643,<>,earliest version,1950s,Best!  Telefunken  6U8A=E80CF =6GH8A =ECF82 =7643,<>,earliest version,1950s,Best! 2  USD$73.63 
CCa=premium E88CC ,6922,E188CC,ECC88 ,<>,60s,The Best!  Telefunken  CCa=premium E88CC ,6922,E188CC,ECC88 ,<>,60s,The Best! 1  USD$440.30 
Displaying 1 to 15 (of 96 products) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  5 ...  [Next >>]