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Philips MiniWatt EL84 ...
Philips MiniWatt EL84 ...
Let's See What We Have Here
Let's See What We Have Here
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Photo Manufacturer Product Name+ Stock Price
 6X4 =EZ90 =CV4005 =6063 =6202=6Z31, ~6Z4 , made in England!   Brimar   6X4 =EZ90 =CV4005 =6063 =6202=6Z31, ~6Z4 , made in England!  3  USD$31.15 
 6X4 =EZ90=CV4005 =6063=6202=6Z31,~6Z4! french made ,1960   RT / RTC   6X4 =EZ90=CV4005 =6063=6202=6Z31,~6Z4! french made ,1960  50+  USD$20.65 
 6X4 =EZ90=CV4005=6063=6202=6Z31, ~6Z4 ,made in Sweden in 1950s,   LM Ericsson   6X4 =EZ90=CV4005=6063=6202=6Z31, ~6Z4 ,made in Sweden in 1950s,  100+  USD$36.75  USD$34.65 
 6X4 =EZ90=CV4005=6063=6202=6Z31,~6Z4, Czech made,60s or 70s!   Tesla   6X4 =EZ90=CV4005=6063=6202=6Z31,~6Z4, Czech made,60s or 70s!  100+  USD$8.75 
 6X4 =EZ90=CV4005=6063=6202=6Z31,~6Z4, USA   USA   6X4 =EZ90=CV4005=6063=6202=6Z31,~6Z4, USA  6  USD$10.15 
 6X4 =EZ90=CV4005=6063=6202=6Z31,~6Z4,"D" getter,early version!   Tungsol   6X4 =EZ90=CV4005=6063=6202=6Z31,~6Z4,"D" getter,early version!  50+  USD$27.83 
 6X4 =EZ90=CV4005=6063=6202=6Z31,~6Z4,black plates, USA   RCA   6X4 =EZ90=CV4005=6063=6202=6Z31,~6Z4,black plates, USA  8  USD$22.75 
 6X4 =EZ90=CV4005=6Z31,~6Z4,made in Czech,1950s,disc getter!   Tesla   6X4 =EZ90=CV4005=6Z31,~6Z4,made in Czech,1950s,disc getter!  5  USD$12.60 
 6X4 =EZ90=CV4005=6Z31,~6Z4,made in Czech,1950s,disc getter,Welde   Tesla   6X4 =EZ90=CV4005=6Z31,~6Z4,made in Czech,1950s,disc getter,Welde  8  USD$14.70 
 6X4(CV4001+pins) =CV4005=EZ90, ~6Z4,50s,square getter,gold pin,   GEC   6X4(CV4001+pins) =CV4005=EZ90, ~6Z4,50s,square getter,gold pin,  100+  USD$101.15  USD$69.65 
 6X4(EZ40+converter) =EZ90=CV4005,  1960s, made in Hungary!   Tungsram   6X4(EZ40+converter) =EZ90=CV4005, 1960s, made in Hungary!  100+  USD$9.98 
 6X4(EZ40+converter) =EZ90=CV4005, 1958 french made!   Cifte   6X4(EZ40+converter) =EZ90=CV4005, 1958 french made!  100+  USD$15.40 
 6X4=CV4005  =EZ90=6063=6Z31, ~6Z4 ,square getter   GEC   6X4=CV4005 =EZ90=6063=6Z31, ~6Z4 ,square getter  0  USD$104.65 
 6X4=EZ90 =CV4005 =6063 =6202, ~6Z4/6U4N ,O getter   GEC   6X4=EZ90 =CV4005 =6063 =6202, ~6Z4/6U4N ,O getter  10+  USD$76.65 
 6X4WS=EZ90=CV4005 =6063=6202=6Z31,~6Z4! french made !   CSF   6X4WS=EZ90=CV4005 =6063=6202=6Z31,~6Z4! french made !  100+  USD$16.80  USD$10.33 
Displaying 1 to 15 (of 38 products) Result Pages:  1  2  3  [Next >>]