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Telefunken RS242(SPEZIAL) , special version, 1930s! THE BEST! USD$262.50/per piece
Stock : 10+ pcs.
Status : NOS
Box : WB

Descriptions : Teleufnken RS242 spez, directly-heated triode, plate dissipation=12W ; made in 1930s by Telefunken in Germany! extremely rare! the best!

this batch is about 20 pcs , all from the same batch, from Germany Military stock. made in 1930s; There may be some dust or stains on the tube due to age, can be carefully cleaned with wet cloth; One side of the tube has Telefunken RS242 spez logo, some tubes have 1937 or 1938 date code on the other side. all tubes were tested by German supplier by W19 tester. All tubes test over 100% ! see photos for test results.

PS . These RS242 spez has shorter pin length , use same socket as socket of RL12T15; they DO NOT fit in B4 socket!